Monday, February 18, 2013

You can't be everywhere

When you have a child one of those check boxes all parents cringe at is baby proofing. You fasten baby safe hardware to every single drawer and cabinet in your home, but over time drawers and doors get used, tugged and pulled and the hardware loses its shape and before you know it your toddler is pulling that drawer or cupboard and showing you that bottle of cleaner that you tried so desperately to keep locked up safely.
Child safety hardware can take a
lesson from gate hardware

Thankfully, the hardware you can put on your gate is years ahead of the safety curve in protecting your little children and pets from getting into trouble in your yard, or beyond it. Years ahead only if you choose the right gate hardware, and when it comes to your loved ones, the right choice is the only choice.
While a gate hinge is a necessity to keeping the gate up, it’s important to understand the need for an adjustable, self-closing gate hinge. The ground moves constantly from rain, wind, earthquakes and of course daily opening and closing and this weighs on the gate’s ability to shut. Unless you are standing there shutting the gate yourself, you can’t ensure that gate is going to close each time, and you probably can’t be there every time the gardener finishes his work. Adjusting your gate hinges is quick and simple. TruClose self-closing gate hinges take just a simple twist with a screwdriver and you’re done.  
Increase your peace of mind with a self-latching, magnetic latch like the MagnaLatch or LokkLatch and you’re backyard becomes a greater safety zone for your kids and pets.