Monday, June 30, 2014

Keeping Your Home Safe Outside and In

Keeping Your Home Safe Outside and In

Parents are often concerned, as they should be, with keeping the inside of their house safe and sound for their children and pets.  They’re busy installing protective child gates in the kitchen, living room, basement -- all around the house.  And once those gates are up then they’re adding protective hardware to drawers, cabinets, closets, anywhere they see to protect little ones from danger.  Of course, a parent’s protective field of focus is where most of their time is spent -- inside the house. 

But what about outside the house?

Outside the house is a whole other world where child and pet safety must be seriously considered.  Fences with gates protect children, whether they’re designed to keep toddlers out of swimming pools or to keep them in the yard away from busy traffic.  Fences also help keep pets in your yard, and other animals out.

Thankfully the hardware you can put on your outside gate today is highly advanced in the art of protecting little children and pets from getting into trouble in your yard, or beyond it.  Highly advanced, that is, if you choose the right gate hardware, and when it comes to your loved ones, the right choice is the only choice.

While a gate hinge is a necessity to keeping the gate up, it’s important to understand the need for an adjustable, self-closing gate hinge.  The ground moves constantly from rain, wind, earthquakes, and of course daily opening and closing --all this weighs on the gate’s ability to shut.  Unless you are standing there shutting the gate yourself, you can’t ensure that gate is going to close each time, and you probably can’t be there every time the gardener finishes his work.  Adjusting our gate hinges is quick and simple. TruClose self-closing gate hinges take just a simple twist with a screwdriver and you’re done. 

Increase your peace of mind with a self-latching, magnetic latch like MagnaLatch or LokkLatch and your backyard becomes a greater safety zone for you, your family, and your pets.